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..............a day of highlights

"A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.
" -Thomas Jefferson

Today we explored this beautiful, iconic, crazy, noisy and charming city. Walking almost 10 kms throughout the day, we caught a boat down the Seine, went into Notre Dame and Ethan even did some sketching of this amazing Church, we dodged the gypsies who tried very hard to get our money, went into the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa, strolled leisurely thorough the Tuileries Gardens, and made our way on foot (and stroller) all the way to the Eiffel Tower which just excited us all, especially Ethan who could not believe that we were there. We aimed to go up the top but our 6pm arrival time meant we were queuing with the twilight tourists and after 1 hour of queuing and not moving far we convinced Ethan to leave and we plan on going back tomorrow...........we are all very tired and looking forward to a good night sleep in our cosy and quaint apartment. Paris will not doubt delight us again tomorrow......


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.........celebrate the magic

Oh my, oh wow! Nothing could have prepared us for how truly magical and amazing Disneyland Paris was, we were all on cloud nine the entire day. The weather was glorious and we were so blessed with low crowd numbers and we never waited longer than 5 minutes for a ride. Unfortunately some rides and areas were closed however there were many more to choose from and the rides were varied and fun and in their own way entertained, inspired and even scared each of us. From the frontier land in the USA to the fairy and fantasy land of Snow White and Peter Pan, the thrill of the Star Wars, the traditional tea cup ride, Dumbo the Elephant, the enormous carrousel and our favourite Woody & Buzz Lightyear - our hearts and minds were stimulated and elated at every moment. Ethan was just incredible and we, as his parents, were so proud of how he managed the day, we stayed till the last parade finished and he even stayed awake on the trip home, soaking up the train journey and the eye opening experience of the Paris 'peak hour'. We will all sleep well tonight with wonderful memories of Mickey and Minnie, Goofy, Donald , Buzz and Jessie.........and we will forever, celebrate the magic..........


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......a train journey which we will remember always

We said goodbye to Zurich today and caught our fast train to Paris. It was a relaxing trip and the four hours gave us all a chance to rest and read up on the impending arrival into Gare de Lyon in Paris. We all enjoyed looking out the window, especially at the French villages we went past, although blinking caused us to miss many sites as the train was going so fast.
Our journey to the flat was uncomplicated as we decided to get a taxi with all our bags, 10 minutes and only 8€ later we arrived at 44 Rue Oberkampf. Hidden behind large wooden doors was the outdoor entrance foyer into the courtyard which led us to the internal staircase up to our second floor apartment (Dave doing very well with the large, heavy suitcases). The apartment is just lovely and has 2 bedrooms ones of which is a little girls room full of amazing and creative toys which Ethan was very excited about. Overlooking the busy street, it feels very Parisian. We enjoyed a slow and leisurely wander around the streets and arrived 10 minutes later at the Marche aux Enfants Rouges - Paris' oldest covered market. Oh, my what a treat this was, a little bit of an issue shopping hungry, but we managed to restrain ourselves whilst still indulging in some fresh produce such as cheese, bread, chicken, cakes and a range of fruits and vegetables. Ethan is now tucked up in bed, our roast chicken resting in the oven and we are enjoying a glass of red listening the sounds of the street below. We wonder what this noisy, crazy and exciting city will have in store for us tomorrow.........

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Our last stop before we leave Switzerland.

We were not sure how much we would see of Zurich, a) because it can be quite foggy this time of year and b) because we did not quite know what time we would be getting here and how much energy we all had to walk around. Well, the sun was shining, skies clear and our legs and stroller held up. We loved wandering around the streets, what a lovely city, unfortunately difficult to photograph well with the windy streets often in shade and shadows. The lake was glorious and there were so many people out and about. Ethan enjoyed feeding the ducks and going on a merry go round. We also went up a very small train carriage up the hill - Polybahn. It takes Uni students from the old city up the very steep hill to their campus - we did not know this till after we had done it! Fun though. We sat by the lake, had a nice lunch and Ethan wrote a postcard to kinder and we window shopped, even seeing a Mona Lisa painting which Ethan loved as he recognised it from his Paris books.

For dinner we went to our friend Ursi's house who lives in Vetikon - Zurich, a gorgeous suburb on a hill overlooking Lake Zurich - the views were amazing!! We had a lovely dinner with her and her grown up boys - Thomas, Reto and Dominique, all of whom Bec has not seen in 15 years since they were toddlers.
Our hotel in the old town of Zurich is great, perfectly located and a short walk to the Main Station where our train leaves for Paris at 9.34am........we are all really excited about this, as Ethan says "my third holiday". Meaning destination number 3 - we suspect Disneyland has something to do with that!!!




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Chur ...... The oldest Swiss City

........just 5000 years old........

Today we went to visit the old city of Chur, just 30 minutes drive from where we are staying in Jenaz. Dave and Ethan caught the train which of course Ethan loved especially since it went through two mountains on it's journey. Chur is just stunning, an old town full of buildings with picturesque paintings telling stories from thousands of years ago. The cobble stone streets were quaint and actually quite quiet today as we were there during lunch time and most people shut their shops and go home for lunch with their families. In the afternoon we went for coffee and cake to Anina's Mum's house which was lovely sitting in the sun room over looking Jenaz. We then went to Pablos work to see the wooden door and furniture factory in action - which of course Dave enjoyed seeing. Anina, Ethan and Bec have just got back from from seeing the cows and goats at the local farmers. The sun is setting over the valley as we type this and it brings to close our wonderful time in Jenaz. Sadly we must say goodbye and tomorrow we travel to Zurich where we will stay the night in a hotel before our train trip to Paris on Wednesday morning. Jenaz has been a real joy to explore and be in - for Ethan he has loved having children and toys to play with and for Dave and Bec we have enjoyed the pampering and exceptional hospitality we have received as guests in this beautiful Swiss Village. Auf Wiedersehen Jenaz.

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