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Goodbye Malta

We hope to see you again soon

We are about to head off to the airport after a lovely last minute wander around town and the harbour. Good bye Malta we sure have had an amazing time, far better than we could have hoped for.........and hope to come back soon, maybe for Dave's 50th!!!


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Our last full day in Malta

it was all about the water and play today.....

Today we went to the Splash and Fun - water park, oh my goodness, what a laugh this place was. It was like it had not been touched or maintained since the early 80's..... The position was incredible, overlooking the stunning Mediterranean Sea sitting high on the cliffs but it just did not quite hit the mark. Ethan had a wonderful time, Bec and Dave could not get out of there quick enough! We then took the bus back to Sliema and spent the afternoon at another Lido over looking Valletta. This was just magnificent and Ethan entertained people with his fold up bucket in the water playing imaginary Titanics. We are enjoying a meal together at the apartment tonight, talking about what we have done and what is ahead - tomorrow we are off to Zurich!


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Day three and what a treat

Valletta - a real treasure hard to describe

IMAG1172.jpgIMAG1166.jpgIMAG1167.jpgIMAG1159.jpgIMAG1162.jpgToday we went to the Capital Valletta, and oh, what a treat this was. A photographers paradise, apologies now - we will not do it justice. This walled city is just stunning, the roads are just full of amazing terraces with characterful balconies. Lots and lots of steps and hills, thank goodness for the stroller and Dave's shoulders. This city is full of Eurpoean appeal and character without the frustrating gypsies and overcrowding. We caught the ferry from Sliema (where we are staying) which took 5 minutes and the passage across the harbour was just breathtaking. Once arriving there we made our way through the beautiful streets, we are expecting to have sore necks tomorrow from just looking up and down constantly at the architecture. On our journey we came across a lovely lady who was putting meals into people's windows and then we realised it Malta's version of Meals on Wheels. Ethan was very excited considering that he helps Mamma and Pa with this when he stays in Benalla. Too tired to get out of the stroller he still wanted a photo! We then had lunch over looking the Grand Harbour, littered with expensive yachts and Cruise Ships - one that looked like the Titanic so you can imagine how excited Ethan was. Our lunch was very relaxing and we enjoyed delicious pasta and played a game of Uno. After lunch we had a play in the main square in the water - well Ethan did, he started a trend with kids coming from all over to join him. We managed to catch a train (to make up for the one that was cancelled yesterday) and saw the city in a quick and fun way. After our feet got tired we made our way back to the Sliema on the Ferry and then hit one of the many public Lidos (swimming pools) that are scattered along the coast - ocean water - so salty but views to die for and a fun and relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Malta is just full of amazing surprises, we are just loving it! IMAG1109.jpgIMAG1111.jpgIMAG1117.jpgIMAG1119.jpgIMAG1125.jpgIMAG1126.jpgIMAG1130.jpgIMAG1134.jpgIMAG1137.jpgIMAG1144.jpgIMAG1142.jpgIMAG1148.jpgIMAG1149.jpgIMAG1145.jpgIMAG1150.jpgIMAG1151.jpgIMAG1161_BURST002_COVER.jpgIMAG1180.jpgIMAG1183.jpgIMAG1184.jpgIMAG1188.jpgIMAG1175.jpg

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Day two in Malta

The northern part of the country

695B22B20BEBEB14DB9B583041CBAB53.jpg695BD8B3A4CB82AA391ED7B7E52E0C86.jpg695CB2A39FF0E9178F93B9E6B8A8FE4F.jpg695D43E3D53A560B1891E0C98230A7FE.jpg695E668FD2FA7A7D30B3A05845D23478.jpg695F50D1EB23088CD1118777EA3E35F0.jpg695FF74AD3ACC89074FB2B2A34BF0E9C.jpg6960B552FB8B4895CE5584E952131077.jpg69614A88EFC4DA011B8924438D644492.jpg6961DC43BD6B6026944AEA6638B009E2.jpg6962876CDD053F8B997515684878BBC2.jpg69633398D893BA5EAFBC9B85F53E9F5A.jpg6963EC0CFA7C99F4ED04328653228807.jpgToday was another great day in Malta. It was a public holiday celebrating Maltese independance from the British. Lots of people about but also lots closed. We took another hop-on hop-off bus but this time we went rural and remote beach side - AMAZING! Intriguing walled villages such as Mosta and Rabat, full of character and diverse architecture due to the many influences over thousands of years. We went past a wood turning company called Bartolo Wood - Dave was pretty excited! We loved our swim at Golden Bay - one of the few sandy beaches in the country. So, so, so salty, great for Ethan's CF. We had lots of fun playing with a portable bucket we brought with us (an awesome pressie from Uncle Nathan many years ago!) Ethan continues to soak up all things new and interesting and is asking so many questions about everything we see. Today was very windy and our planned afternoon activity of a train ride had to be cancelled. Tonight we are hanging out at our apartment and planning tomorrow.

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A gorgeous day in Malta

So much to see.......what an amazing place

Today we hit the sites of Malta in typical tourist style and got on the hop-on hop-off bus. This took us to to and through so many amazing little places. We went to a gorgeous fishing village with the most amazing colourful fishing boats, got on another little boat and went to the famous Blue Grotto where the water was so blue when you put your hand in it turned blue! The caves in this area were just breathtaking. Gorgeous sunshine today although it was a bit windy, it was hard to keep the hats on! The country is so rocky and arid but beautiful in it's own way! So many cultures enjoying this unique country. Off to the pool now for a pre-dinner swim. What will tomorrow bring? 2F18E2410A08CDCEAABFCF3B70D68EF7.jpg2F198B55F88B48B0AC783A4D3B074265.jpg2F1A034CF27C5D0380E9360584EFA7DE.jpg2F1A84EACC2C7D88C9774A8E00EF4C91.jpg2F1AFDA89C325A4CE5771123A76FAB38.jpg2F1B7AA5B594714F2F35AB8AE44B4C95.jpg2F1C1B24EAA6F6DDE02A8466A2438D8A.jpg2F1CAB759171F27F681C3104F06635FC.jpg2F1D327FF3C3BFF4A0C9366975F2B02D.jpg

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