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Goodbye Ireland

.........thanks for the memories.........we shall meet again

We have had the most delightful time in Ireland. The last few days have just flown by but have been filled with walking and driving through the countryside, visiting churches, castles, pubs, monasteries and amazing graveyards - one of which is where Dave's Grandparents are. We had a lovely day with Dave Aunties, Uncle and cousin in Ballingaddy near Limerick yesterday. A lovely drive which took us through County Tipperary and County Limerick. We have really loved the Irish hospitality and of course Nathan and Kate went out of their way to show us some many special places that you would just not see on the average tourist trail.

We are at the airport and our time to board the plane is near. We have a very tired little boy who has just been an absolute superstar on the entire holiday. We are really looking forward to seeing all of our family and friends and our beloved dog Zac who we have missed so so much.

Our trip has been nothing short of amazing and we have loved every single moment of the busy, crazy and exciting 4 weeks..........

So farewell blog readers, we hope you have enjoyed our journey overseas, thanks for sharing it with us xoxox


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........so much to see and do

Our days in Ireland have been truly wonderful with so much to see and do and unfortunately it feels like such little time to do it all.......we have spent our days driving through country lane-ways, always amazed at the beauty that greets us around every corner. We went to see the amazing property and house which Nathan and Kate have bought and will spend time over the next couple of years restoring it back to it's former glory - that visit felt like the beginning of a great Grand Designs episode. We have sat in a pub that is also the local lolly shop, general store, hardware store, we ate at a fantastic restaurant and wandered around the stunning gardens of an estate called Mt Juliet, we have explored the streets and shops of Kilkenny and made another visit to the very impressive Anglo-Norman stone Castle as well as laughs and entertainment in the impressive Castle playground.........

On Friday we made the journey to Dublin and visited Dave's relatives, lots of cousins and their children to enjoy the company of and Dave enjoyed re-connecting with his mother's side of the family. Monday we will head off to Limerick to meet some more.

The boys have enjoyed a classic Irish night out watching various rugby and football matches in pubs around Kilkenny and the girls had a wondeful night out in Kilkenny and Thomastown last night with all of Kate's cousins - they sure know how to enjoy the 'craic'..........


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Titanic Museum

A very happy little Titanic fan........

The day finally arrived for Ethan when he got to go to the Titanic Museum, a passion of his for the last couple of years now. He has always loved watching the movie and reading the book at Pa Stick's house. His knowledge of the Titanic is just amazing. Dave and Bec were able to use the visit to the Titanic Museum as an automatic carrot to modify any unwanted behaviour........Ethan was motivated 100% by the opportunity to go.

On Wednesday we took the 2 hour drive to County Cork to a town called Cobh which proudly boasts the World's second largest natural harbour after Sydney. A stunning little spot - formally called Queenstown where in 1912 - 123 people boarded the The Titanic - the very last passenger pick up spot before heading off on it's maiden and final journey.

The Museum stands proudly in the same building and site that the original ticket office and pier stood where the passengers boarded the small transfer boats which would take them out to the Titanic which was anchored out of the harbour in order to save time as the Captain had been in a hurry to arrive in New York early and wanted to waste no time.

As we entered the museum we were given a passenger card/ticket of one of the 123 people who boarded the boat in Queenstown. Although Ethan wanted to be Jack from the movie Titanic he was pretty impressed that he was THOMAS 19 years old and would be travelling just like Jack in the 3rd class cabins - he happily said "Mummy maybe.......Thomas knew Jack". Ethan was so excited to be there he was taking it all in and was absolutely wonderful going through the guided tour, asking questions and listening to it all. Uncle Nathan Dave and Bec were all given passengers too, Nathan was Patrick - 28 from Ireland - 3rd Class, Dave was Philip -37 from USA - 3rd class and Bec was Lillian, 37 from the USA - the only passenger boarding the boat in Queenstown who was travelling in 1st class - a ticket that would cost in today's terms 60,000 US dollars, some first class passengers paid the equivalent of 100,000 US dollars.

At the end of the tour we found out the fate of our passengers, Ethan (Thomas) survived and so did Bec ( Lillian). Nathan and Dave were lost at sea.

Cobh is still a major Port for Cruise Ships and is a popular tourist town with a very very important history. One of the passengers who caught the Ship at Southampton and disembarked at Queenstown took an amazing photograph of the 123 passengers waiting on the deck just prior to their transfer to the Titanic. The 1st class passenger on the upper deck (right) 2nd class on the left upper deck and the 3rd class were waiting down the bottom. His photographs have been used world wide and were key to informing researchers and the documentary and film makers about what the inside of the Ship looked like such as the grand staircase, decks and the dining rooms.

The Museum was terrific with so many clever and interesting exhibits and most importantly Ethan loved it..........we are so happy we went and took part in the 'Titanic Experience'.........


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..........a holiday within a holiday

On Sunday we touched down in Dublin and were so thrilled to see Nathan waiting at arrivals for us. Ethan ran exciting into his arms and Dave and Bec were very happy to see a friendly welcoming face. Nathan assisted us with the logistics of the car hire and driving the 1 1/2 hours to County Kilkenny. The drive there was like going 'home' or at least driving to Maldon where Kate and Nathan live - strangely familiar! The Autumn colours were just stunning and the country lanes were just so picturesque.

We met Kate in a nearby town, where she went to school and her sister, Liz, nephew Ciaran and niece Kathryn live. From there we drove to Inistioge (where the movie Circle of Friends was filmed) and arrived at the Coachhouse - an absolutely stunning property, so big and spacious and full of character - we felt like we were in an episode of Escape to the Country.

It feels like we are having a holiday from a holiday here in Ireland, where we are loving staying with Kate and Nathan and being shown around Kate's home village and local haunts. We went to Kilkenny yesterday via Bennettsbridge, where we went to a pottery called Nicholas Mosse, had a lovely brunch together and then continued onto Kilkenny - what a wonderful town this was, Dave had his first Guinness in Ireland in the Oldest Pub in Kilkenny called Kyteler's Inn, where the Ireland's last witch was burnt around the fourteenth century. We had a wander around town, visiting museums, the Kilkenny Castle and some more pubs. We went on a tourist mini train around town, which of course was the highlight for Ethan. We are so happy to be here in beautiful Ireland where the views are grand and the people so so so friendly........it really is the Emerald Isle.....however no sign of Leprechauns yet.


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Au Revoir........Paris

We loved our time here........

Yesterday we were all too tired to face the Eiffel tower queues so we headed out of the hustle, bustle and noise of the city centre and spent the day at the newly opened Paris Zoo. What a beautiful space this was....... The Autumn colours sparkled in the blue sky and it was our warmest day in Paris. The zoo is quite small but cleverly done. We wandered back to the Metro through the park which was just like The Tan in Melbourne. Last night we went out for an amazing meal at a recommended restaurant close the apartment called de L'insolite - Ethan was so well behaved and said his Champignon Ristotto was the best meal he has ever had! Dave and Bec loved their meals too! A lovely goodbye to Paris. We are currently at the airport waiting for our 4th holiday to begin in the beautiful Emerald Isle.....


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